What is the hardest hike that you have ever done?

The hardest one so far is Mount Edwards in Queensland I didn't do the whole hike because most of it was uphill and it was rocky I was worried about slipping and falling off the cliff but still altogether I did about a 4km walk we turned back about more than halfway I wish I did see the summit it would of been nice

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    The hardest hike I've done was Ice Gulch in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Here's the crazy thing, it didn't involve climbing up a mountain. The tough part of the hike (6 miles overall) was a one mile section up the middle of a ravine with steep sides and the bottom was littered with large boulders (many the size of cars). Throw in some scrub brush, some slipper moss and lack of proper trail blazing and it was very challenging. Some hikes have "scrambles", but this was hundreds of scrambles, one right after another for a full mile. The name of the place comes from the fact that even in the middle of the summer you can still find ice under many of the boulders in the bottom of the ravine.

    This is looking back down the first part of Ice Gulch..

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Well, most of what one might call my hikes, or long walks have been on more level or urban ground.

    Examples are a round trip walk of 5.5 Km to go from my home to my local branch of my public library, that I make several times outside of the winter. If I have no other needs out of the house that would require me to use my car for, then I am happy to make that walk, as the route is very pleasant and crosses few streets.

    Back around the early 90s, on visit's to a friend's place in Manhattan, NY, I would cheerfully walk downtown from West 85th Street, right by the corner with Amsterdam, headed at least as far south as The Strand Bookstore at Broadway & 12th Street.

    Assuming that I went nowhere off of the route between those two places, that was a 13 kilometer walk in full. I quite enjoyed those walks.

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