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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 2 months ago

Why are so many of my friends getting into drugs at an older age? Reverting back to their 20’s ?

I’m 30 years old. I’ve recently dropped a handful of my friends due to drug use. My one friend is 28. He just started college and is acting like a 20 year old. He’s partying with 18-20 year olds, constantly doing drugs, constantly partying, spent all his financial aid money to go to raves. 

My other has 2 kids who he recently gave custody to his parents due to how frequently he was going out and partying with friends after his divorce from his wife. He’s 33 he’s FINALLY straightening himself out slightly 

My other friend is involved with HEAVY drugs she’s 29. This is all within the past year or so since she made friends with this new girl at work. In fact she quit her really good job with benefits to take a commission job working from home with no benefits. 

What would cause people to go BACKWARDS instead of forward with their lives. I should mention i live in a HUGE resort town with a lot of trashy people, drinking, partying. We see so many tourists during the summer. Could it be the environment? 

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  • 2 months ago
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    No one's journey is linear. No one walks a perfectly straight line when it comes to progress. The VAST majority of people have a fairly hilly journey from birth to earth, regardless of their environment. The friends in your life who you're concerned about are all definitely in some pretty deep valleys at the moment. Most people are able to pull themselves out and get back on track. Hopefully yours are able to do that, but they may need help. The best you can do is be a good friend to them.

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