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Anonymous asked in HealthMental Health · 2 months ago

Im feeling very low over something irrational and not sure how to control it?

I feel very low/distressed over something which most people wouldn’t. I think although im very laid back i get very emotionally attached to people even though they dont know it/I hide it well. Basically Ive found out that 2 of my collegues are leaving, one of them (the manager) Im not too fussed about but a male colleague revealed that he is leaving today. I secretly have feelings for him he has been very supportive over the years, where a lot of people are impatient with me he seemed to know how i think and was always looking out for me. He has a partner and a kid so obviously its a no go but I was still happy just working alongside him/having his company at work. I dont show this, he sees me as aloof and says that i dont ask for enough help. This might sound weird im not sure but im just being honest. The last guy i had a crush on several years ago took me years to get over.

When he told me I acted like i didnt care much but I feel a bit shaky/like im suffocating/a bit panicky and can’t stand what im feeling. I know I sound weird but I can’t help it. Im telling myself that its probably for the best that he leaves, that I need to go out and form new relationships with people/meet someone. But still the feeling is there. Im not young anymore either. I can’t tell anyone really ive not many friends so I guess just wanted advice.

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