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What should I do?

So I have a girlfriend. I've been with her for 2 months. Couple weeks ago she moved into my place cause she needed a place to stay. We haven't had sex yet and I wanna make a move. I wanna do it romantic. I really don't have any experience.

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    Tell her that.  You don't have experience, but you'd like to have a romantic evening with her.

    Most girls would be flattered that a guy was SO HONEST.

    Some girls would laugh, but those usually have NO CLASS or Romantic Steak.  

    You won't know if you don't at least try.

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    1 month ago

    Oh, geez. No. Don't initiate sex with a girl who lives with you after only two months of a relationship (way, way too soon, IMO) when she has no place else to go.

    It's highly likely she's going to say yes because she feels like she has to if she wants to sleep inside tonight. A decent guy will not put her in that position.

    Instead of this, help her get back on her feet and rent her own place, even if it's just a furnished room. When you two have sex, it will be because she wants it and so do you, not because she feels any obligation to "repay" you or earn what you're providing.

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  • 1 month ago

    You guys live together, yet you've never had sex?  That's a little out of order my both may wanna break down that barrier before it is awkward at night when your laying next to her pitching a tent.

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