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Why do my older siblings follow me?

I have 5 older siblings 3 are very cool but there are 2 who are extremely sketchy and surprising those two are the ones struggling the most. For example, my older brother when I was 17 years old would sit in the living room and tell me how life was hard etc. I kept distance from him and achieved decent things for example, a college education a full time job, a relationship and even though some jobs I been fired from and moved on as well as relationships. I moved on and moved out and when I visit my older brother is now 33 still acting like the way he was when he was 17 staring at me judging other people and telling me how life hard is. The question I have is why is it that they are not normal and have friends and seek employment etc and tend to blame me? They are waiting for me to do something big for them. I feel power to control their lives?

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  • Pearl
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    3 weeks ago

    cause they like you

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