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Do you think we are Suited together?

I’m 19 and I met this guy on a dating site, he’s 19 too. We were texting and calling for a month then we decided to meet as he only lives an hour away. We met Saturday and Sunday, it went really good. He told me he really liked me. We met a few more times then decided to date. We have only been dating for a month but I’m having doubts. He is very secure I guess and I’m not so much. He doesn’t care if I don’t tell him that I’m going out on a night out, going to a party, drinking, if I’m with a guy friend or anything like that. When I do tell him, he says thanks for telling me but You don’t need to. I don’t care if he’s going to a party but I like him to tell me if he is. My ex messaged me the other day, I didn’t reply Just in case my boyfriend didn’t like it but when I told him, he said he doesn’t mind if I want to meet up with him. I kmow it isn’t because of this but it makes me feel like he doesn’t care about me. I like it when he’s interested in where I am. And it makes me feel like I ask him too many questions. It’s making me feel like we won’t work. What do you think I should do?

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    There are two possibilities: 

    #1:  He is just one of those people who just doesn't care.  Some people are just like that, their SO can go with whoever and do whatever and they don't care.  

    #2 and more likely, this isn't a serious thing for him.  I am sure he likes you, but signs are pointing to that he doesn't see this as a long term thing.  There is a solid chance he is talking to other girls and kind of seeing what else is out there.  If he was actually committed to you then I feel like he would have more of an interest in what you do.  

    It is one thing to not be jealous, its another to be completely apathetic.  I mean you've only been dating one month, that isn't long.  He isn't in love with you, that is clear as day but I doubt he sees it as something long term.  Are you guys suited together, no.  You see this as potentially serious, he most likely does not.  Even if you guys got serious, you wouldn't approve of him hanging out with other girls and he would point to how he doesn't care when you hang out with guys and it would become this huge problem.  My advice:  Have fun with the guy, enjoy his company just don't get to attached because I doubt it lasts or goes anywhere noteworthy

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      yeah I was thinking that, I mean but there is a line I suppose.  You shouldn't be freaking out about it but I think some healthy curiosity isn't so bad, this guy seems apathetic which is a red flag in its own right, what do you think?

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