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Survey: What are your thoughts on this fragment of book?

Mathew and his wife, Pauline came forward to stand beside the master. Mathew was a young man of six and twenty years and already a surgeon, though still in the prime of his life, as he had gone to college sooner than it was expected. With curled short golden hair, pale complexion with some freckles below his large grey eyes, a roman nose and narrow lips, he totally resembled the countenance of Sandro Botticelli (an Italian painter) whom I had seen a print of, a few years before. His well-shaped tall and slender figure was covered with a silk green frock coat and I can say he was quite fine-looking, though he looked older than his age.

Pauline had placed her hand around Mathew's arm and smiled at her father-in-law with a sweet expression on her face. She appeared no more than nineteen years old, although she was a few months older than Mathew. Her reddish brown ringlets, small nose, tiny blue eyes with long lashes, rosy plump cheeks and thick red lips made her appear significantly charming. Her brown beaver bonnet and yellow dress were so fashionable in those days and this somehow chubby, short young lady knew very well how to harmonise different colours.

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