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Dropped heavy weights on chest while benching?

 I recently dropped 255lb on my chest while benching and immediately after my sternum and parts of my left ribs started hurting. I got an x-ray the day after and found out I did not fracture anything. I laid off working out for about a month now but still wake up with pain in my left ribs whenever I reach my hand over my head or do a crunching motion(sit-ups). How long to heal? Is it my bones or muscle that’s inured?

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    You might need to do some stretching and range of motion exercises tor the injury to fully heal.  You can test this out yourself by stretching your arms and shoulders in various direction to see if the pain and crunching are correlated with  tightness.   If it doesn't look like tightness is an issue, you may have cartilage damage that was not detectable on the x-ray.  You could go to an orthopedic doc to get the situation evaluated. 

  • 2 months ago

    It's likely your ribs and/or cartilage that is damaged.  Ribs are stubborn, they both take longer to heal and are more painful than other kinds of injuries.  Cartilage (your sternum is cartilage) is notoriously slow to heal because it isn't very vascular.  It's different with different people and it depends on the injury but it usually takes at least two to three weeks for the pain to subside.  If nothing's broken and there is no serious damage, which seems to be the case since you have had it looked at, you can still exercise but take it easy for a while, let it heal.  There's not much you can really do except wait it out.

    • Faoki2 months agoReport

      Thanks for your reply. My sternum doesn’t hurt anymore but it’s mostly my cartilage because I feel most of the pain right next to my sternum and also behind me in between my ribs 

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