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Trump pressured Ukraine to "interfere in a U.S. election"? When did he tell them to investigate Joe Biden? Or was Hunter running?

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    The goal of the Trump Administration in Ukraine was to get the craniums to announce, and it's important note that this is an ounce rather than actually conduct, an investigation into brisma and Hunter Biden's role in it. The purpose of this was pretty obviously to smear Joe Biden by association. Look at how conservatives are smearing by now when there's absolutely no evidence of any kind of wrongdoing on the part of either him or his son. Imagine if the Ukrainian government had announced that they were actually looking into criminal charges against Hunter Biden.

    I find it helpful sometimes when talking with conservatives to use analogies in hypothetical situations because many of you seem to have very attenuated sense of justice and patriotism. So imagine if, on the eve of the 2016 election, the Obama administration had announced that they were looking into possible criminal charges against Jared Kushner. Now, this hypothetical scenario wouldn't directly involve Trump at all. Yet it would still have the potential to smear Donald Trump by association since Kushner is his son-in-law. Now, imagine that it was discovered that this investigation was not based on any sort of actual evidence but was rather ginned-up by political pressure from the Obama Administration. I imagine that Trump, and his supporters, would be apoplectic about this even though it did not directly involve Trump himself. The same thing is true of Joe Biden. Even though this did not involve him directly it would have had the potential to smear him. Obviously Donald Trump thought that this was an effective smear to use against Biden. So it's wrong for Trump to do this. In fact, even if we dismiss all the political implications it's wrong for Donald Trump to go after people for political reasons not for factual ones. If Hunter Biden had committed a crime then he should be investigated for that. He should not be subjected to investigation because he happens to be related to a political rival of the presidents

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    Maybe FBI refused to investigate terrorist funding or Trump was framed.

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    He wanted Zelinsky to ANNOUNCE an investigation of Biden.  The investigation had already been completed and nothing incriminating was found, but he wanted another investigation to be announced at just the right time--an 'October Surprise', coming too late for Biden to defend himself.

    You might remember he did a similar thing to Hillary.  Late in the game, James Comey announced that thousands of Hillary's missing e-mails had been found on the phone of Anthony Weiner, disgraced congressman who was married to Huma Abedin, Hillary's assistant.  There was a big deal about it in the media, but just after the election Comey said it was wrong, they didn't find any e-mails on Weiner's phone.

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      Wait, so Biden was running last October? For what?

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