How To Stay On For Your NFL Career To Avoiding Retirement And Stay On For 20 Or 22 Seasons?

No Retirement But To Play On No Matter What From Avoiding Retirement Rumors Or Not So Keep Playing Dude! 

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    When I was in college, the Raiders had a kicker named George Blanda who was in his late 40s.  He had been a quarterback once, but as he got older he lost some agility, so he became a kicker.  He is one of only two players who played in FOUR DECADES.  He also held the record for most points scored in his career, something like 940.  There were a lot of jokes about him but everyone was amazed he could stay in the game that long.

    Football is a very rough game and most players' bodies go to hell after a few years.  A kicker probably has the easiest time of it because he works alone and defenders very seldom knock him down.  (And when they do he always grabs his kicking leg and squirmed around in fake agony.)

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    Being a field goal kicker is your only hope.

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