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Does a regular HR employee or HR assistant have the power to terminate you?

I'm asking this because last Friday I got a termination letter from my job of the last 2 years that I was working at.

My position was that was warehouse runner for an airline catering company.

The person who typed up and signed the letter was an HR assistant and was the ONLY HR person I spoke with in person when I got suspended January 6th of this year.

She told me to write down a statement defending myself.

However, I was not formally interviewed in person or over the phone about the alleged incident that led to my suspend/firing.

Supposedly, I cursed out some females employees.

The letter never states the supposed incident at all and from who accused me.

My job has cameras yet I was not video recorded.

If I was somehow secretly recorded, then I could be like, "HR and management has me."

3 Months ago, my head manager and supervisor went out of their way to get me fired the first time around saying I had too many absences last year and that I was threatened, harassed and was in love with a female supervisor of mine.

Nobody believed her really except the head of HR who suspended/fired me.

I got my job back 2 months ago because 20 employees signed a petition to bring me back and I had a meeting with HR and my union representatives to bring me back.

I did get messed with by my supervisors when I came back 2 months ago.


One of my supervisors alleges that he was a "witness" and that he "lectured" me about cursing some female employees January 3 of this year. 

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    It sounds like they all really wanted you gone.  Anyone in HR has the potential ability to hire and/or fire.  If that person did not have the authority, then he/she likely wouldn't have done it.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience.
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      Yeah I know babyboomer. I got a new job recently where I'll make a dollar less than what I was making at my last job that I was at for 2 years and it's not union. 

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    Yes, they generally do have that power. It is kind of what their job is.

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    Anyone in a management position has the authority to terminate. Anyone within HR is management. Assistant's included.

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    You sound like an employee that is more trouble than you are probably worth.  I would get rid of you for that alone. 

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