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Ladies have you ever passed out from an orgasm?


Anon, I would say a drop in blood pressure.

Update 2:

BV Do you openly cry or is it tears of enjoyment?

Update 3:

Yoda, let me tell you something to try, I was on my knees and hands and she was moving underneath me, and this was my 3rd orgasm I was working on, I told her to go slow because I was about to fold, and as she worked on me I slowly started to regain my erection, I told her to move a little faster which she did and then I said faster and she did and faster and faster all the while I was talking dirty to her and she got to moving so fast her breasts were moving like a yo-yo and then all of a sudden

Update 4:

I felt my orgasm building and then as she came down on me I slammed my penis into her hard and exploded, when I was able to look at her again she was out. I called her name and she didn't respond so I called her again and she still didn't respond so I slapped her face and she snapped out and when she did she started laughing. That is the only time she ever did that. I can understand your legs shaking after having 6 orgasms. The most I ever had at 1 time was 4, my legs did that 2. 

Update 5:

Xavier, maybe the woman being the main player is what does it to them, was she on the top or bottom? You know her blood had to be really pumping good. Maybe they got too much oxygen in the brain and that shut them down. You know that blood carries oxygen into our body but I think I read that not enough oxygen would cause a person to pass out.

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    No that usually doesn't happen, however, I was close to it probably. 

    The other day our sex was intense, I orgasmed so much in one session with my husband (6 different times) the towel he put on our bed had large wet spots were my pusssy was laying, and my leg was so shaky my husband had to massage my thighs. Our sex can last 17-30 minutes. 

    He is not average btw 8" but when he's at his climax it gets bigger. It takes him a while to cuum though, but while he's making his way to the mountain, I'm enjoying the ride. I always cuum before he does.  

    If a girl does pass out it would take a very special guy to do that like my Husband.


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    LOL just happened to my wife a the night before.  I had to take her to the ER to make sure it wasn't something serious.

    Turns out, it was my johnson and nothing more that made her black out!  Confirmed by the Docs!

    So yes, this does happen.  How did it happen to her?  I made he work, work, then work some more.  Then I worked for a good solid hour!  That was one of the best times of my life where I didn't regret marriage.

    Unfortunately, shortly afterward it was like a scene from pulp fiction where I"m trying to revive her.....that sucked and it was scary.  But yeah, good times!

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    • Xavier1 month agoReport

      She was on top in various cowgirl forward and reverse till she achieved orgasm.  Then I did her doggy till she reached another.  Had her raise up and back some while still doggie then I bust a nut.  This my favorite way to top it off.  We were both exhausted doing like this all week.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Almost but not completely. Sometimes when its really intense, Ill cry with pleasure

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No, unlike the experience you keep posting, no, this has never happened to me.

    Maybe you don't understand what causes people to faint.

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