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Do you think a white blazer with red pants would be too summery to wear during Winter?

I own a white/red striped blazer that I love wearing with a pair of pants and sneakers/oxfords. A bit "business-y" for some people as I'm a student, but I don't really care, because there is no dress-codes where I live.. These items own are lined, so I feel they could be a too warm for summer wear,but generally, do you colors matters more than fabric?

Because I own several wool and velvet pieces in summer colors that I wear in winter.

but please, I'm not asking about my body-type or whether you like the actual outfits (not asking YOU to wear to wear it, and I don't care what men think is "sexy" on women), so please don't be rude if you hate the outfit. This is season question, not attraction question. lol


I was thinking about ankle booties instead of the hi-top sneakers (looks like this:,q_auto,fl_l... which I own low heeled in the colors black, beige and grey.

The look I had in mind was a sporty suit, though!

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    I think it looks ok. But the shoes offset the look a you have any other type of shoe? More of a booty shoe?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    As ling as you're not talking winter temps below freezing you're fine. 

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  • sian
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    3 weeks ago

    Looks good. I think you could wear it in winter with a warm coat over.

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