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Do part-time employees of Walmart accrue PTO time?

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    My wife says so. She retired in 2017 but went from full time to part time two years before that. vacation time and personal time off were recorded separately. She says that at some point before she retired, that was changed and the two were lumped together as PTO. She continued to earn PTO in the form of vacation time, at a lower rate than a full-timer, and whatever she earned was added to her vacation time at the time of the switch and could be used. Any paid time off she had accumulated before the switch was frozen and she could not take that as paid time off. However, when she retired, they paid her the value of that time, so she didn't lose it.

    Now with the two being combined into one PTO, part-timers do earn it - just at a much lower rate than full-timers.

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