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Why would someone have a severe cough for multiple years?

Hello all, I’m a high school student that has a question about one of my classmates. This person has had a serve cough for what I’ve know three years. They constantly cough and distract the class to the point where everyone is disturbed. It’s so bad we think she has a disease but how would she be able to be health with it for that long? We have no clue why she does it but it’s a starting to become serious concern. Any info on what it might be will help, thanks 



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    Inveterate smokers have what's known as smokers' lungs. They are constantly irritated by the smoke and nicotine that's been inhaled over years. If she's not a smoker...

    There are other lung irritants as well. Some allergies, like to mites, pollen, or dust, will cause coughing. These can be moderated but not eliminated; so you classmate might be allergic to mites that lurk just about everywhere.

    Finally, tonsil stones can cause major coughing spells. If she still has her tonsils, this is a possibility. TS's are caused by bacteria found in the mouth. If she has bad breath, you can bet on tonsil stones.

    I'm sure there are other non-terminal, not-serious afflictions that could cause chronic coughing. But you get the idea, there are lots of reasons that are not serous that could be causing "just a cough."

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    Here is a thought


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    Have you ever thought of befriending her? Once you get friendly with someone they are often open to sharing private things with you such as health concerned. Are schools really not teaching social skills anymore?

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