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What's a really good ramen brand?

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    Your question is better suited to Food & Drink>Other-Food & Drink. This is Diet & Fitness, and ramen noodles don't really qualify as healthy (although consumed on occasion, they aren't going to be harmful).

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    Sadly i don't think there is a good brand of ramen noodles because they're just not healthy. They're precooked and freeze fried and loaded with preservatives and a chemical TBHQ it's a petroleum industry by product used as a preservative.  They say if you eat ramen noodles you should do it once a month twice at the most because of how unhealthy it is. It increases the risk of metabolic syndrome in women and men but it's worse for us.  We're 68 percent more likely to develop it than men. Just be careful if you do eat them but yeah i know it sounds depressing and sad but it's the truth ramen noodles are really processed and unhealthy. 

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      when I mean good, I meant taste good.

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