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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 3 months ago

Scab finally fell off neuter scar! Good to go?

I'm trying to look things up and will call the vet when they open, absolutely, but my good people of Yahoo Answers who have been so kind and patient with my ramblings and worries- does this mean my boy is good to go?

I just happened to look this morning and it's completely gone! So I had him sit and I checked the area; it's smooth, hair is growing back nicely, a little pink where the scab fell (guessing that will be the incision scar), but nothing else. No weeping, pussing, no other scabs that I can see. Looks all good! So please give me the good news that I can give this stinky boy a bath and let him zoom around!!!! Or should I be goon and make sure he doesn't knock it around too much because he may possible ruin the scar tissue? I will call the vet soon. Everything I'm looking up is saying scabbing still a month after altering, and that's not where I'm at.


Should I be GOOD, not goon...even though I am a goon.

2 Answers

  • 3 months ago
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    Yep - good to go, as expected LOL!   I'd be careful re the bath - keep away from that area.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Only your Vet knows if he can resume "zooming" around and if it's safe to bathe him.

    I was directed to keep my dog as quiet as I could (pretty impossible) for SIX WEEKS due to the internal dissolving stitches.

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