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Is this nepotism or a conflict of interest ?

The company I work for the President wife is head of Human Resources and his best friend is the CEO of the company.  I feel if I bring any issues to hr attention it will either be ignored, swept under the carpet and naturally she is always going to side with her husband .I have already sent several emails and the responses of pretty much been I don't know anything about that or nothing is ever resolved. 


I hate Grammer errors.  Let's try this again the President of the company is a guy and his wife female is head of Human Resources. 

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    You are making repeated complaints about the President of the company? Sounds like it's time to get another job. Perhaps it's neither nepotism or a conflict of interests. Could be that they all work well together and your discontent is a sign you could flourish better elsewhere?

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  • 1 month ago

    No, it isn't necessarily either.  Many private companies have family members in positions of authority. Nepotism is when someone is hire only because they are family or friend when better qualified individuals are available.

    You've made some assumptions but you didn't post enough detail about the issue to suggest anyone is doing anything wrong.  

    What, exactly is the issue?  Is it a safety concern? Call OSHA. Is a stated company policy or procedure being violated?  Can you document it?  Do you feel you've been mistreated in some way?  If so, document exactly what it is that isn't right or fair or whatever.  Are there other employees who feel the same way?  If so, get them to chime in. 

    If you don't like your work environment and don't trust the management of the company, do everyone a favor and start looking for a new job. You aren't an indentured servant.  You are free to find employment elsewhere

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