A cuboid reservoir 32m×24m×4m is to be separated into 4 equal chambers by constructing cross walls 40cm thick upto its height. Find volume.?

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  • Philip
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    3 cross walls, each of dimension 24m x 4m x 0.4m will  separate reservoir with dimensions 32m x 24m x 4m into 4 equal chambers. The sum of the volumes of

    the chambers = Rv - Cv where Rv = reservoir volume and Cv = total volume of

    the 3 cross walls. Rv = 32*24*4 [m]^3 = 3072 [m]^3. Cv = 3*24*4*(0.4) [m]^3 =

    115.2 [m]^3.Required volume = (3072 - 115,2) [m]^3 = 2956.8 [m]^3.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Calculate the volume of the reservoir.  Subtract the volume of the cross walls.  Do not double count the volume where the cross walls intersect (it's small but it will affect your answer).

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