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I’m starting to not like her what should I do?!?

So I have a roommate and we’re like best friends. I mostly hang out with her lol but I meet new friends through her

 she’s kinda insecure because the doctor told her she’s overweight. I feel awkward around her sometimes because guys will flirt with me or stare at me but any guys who talk to her is because she talked to them firstShe’s on tinder but I honestly think it’s just for validation. We were at dinner with her family and she was like “I’m glad to know you guys think I’m beautiful” and her grandma was like “did we say you were??”  I honestly don’t think she’s beautiful but when she brings up her weight I just tell her she needs to have confidence. My ex bf is short and I’m still moving. After we broke up we thought we saw him on tinder but she said she wouldn’t swipe on him or anything but we were at the gym yesterday and saw a guys playing basketball and she picked the short one out who looked like my ex and started gushing abt him. Then I told her me and my ex were sexting and she was like “if it were me , I would do this”  idk but that pissed me off We were at the gym a couple days ago and this rlly cute guy stared at me while I was dancing and she teased me abt it for so long. Then yesterday this guy came up and showed me how to play pool And a guy who liked her asked me to hangout. She was telling me to talk to the guy in the gym then yesterday she was like “god could be protecting you from heartbreak” like I’m her or something. Idk am I overthinking all of this?!

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    You sound annoying. Just don't be friends then

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