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Missed 1 birth control pill but doubled up the next day, should I take a Plan B?

Should I take a Plan B since I missed one birth control pill?

Should I take a Plan B?

So I take the combined hormone pill Mirvala 28 birth control.

I’ve taken it every single day and never missed one for over a year until this week.

I was stressed with studying for a test that I completely forgot to take my pill on Tuesday night, I always take my pills around 10 pm and Monday was the last pill I took before I missed it.

So when I went to take my pill on Wednesday I noticed that I missed Tuesday’s dose and just took 2 pills at the same time, this was exactly 48 hours after I took my last pill on Monday.

Stupidly, I went to my boyfriends house and we did have sex and he came inside me like usual but I didn’t think to tell him about my missed pill since it was in the moment. I took my pill for that night on time and now I’m concerned with whether or not I should get a Plan B. I have 2 active pills left in the pack before my placebos and websites say to take EC if you missed one on the last week or first week.

Will I be okay or should I take it just to be safe??

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    You should be fine, especially if you’ve been taking it for over a few months. The combined hormonal pill has a lot of wiggle room with the time you should take it missing pills. It’s nothing like the mini pill, which is what I’m on.

    It’s actually never recommended to take plan B if you’ve been consistently taking birth control. Hormone overload, and also, just unnecessary. Planned parenthood won’t even give it to you if you went to them, because they wouldn’t consider you a candidate. That should reassure you.

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  • alan P
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    What websites were those?  Nothing's perfect but the advice of the UK health service is that you are still protected and do not need to take anything else.  Plan B and other EC pills are a huge dose of contraceptive hormone and they are not as effective as the small regular dose you have been taking.  It's important to start a new pack of active pills on time.  Some information in the link is specific to the UK.

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  • kelvin
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    4 weeks ago

    no no you should not

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