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Dreams of giving birth to a daughter? ?

In my dream I randomly gave birth to a girl in my bath tub and my family was pissed off at me. And I constantly explained to them that I don't know how this happened I haven't even had sex. And my mom took the baby away and wouldn't let me see her. In reality I have no desire to have anymore children. I already have a 1.5 year old son who I nearly died giving birth to so I don't it's not possible for me to have a daughter. 

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    Dreaming of giving birth is usually not about becoming a mother but giving birth to a new life of your own.  Like reinventing yourself to become someone new.  Maybe it is something like getting a new job, or becoming financially independent, or maybe it is something simple like becoming a non-smoker, only you know what it is.  Dreaming of your family being mad is symbolic (albeit more direct) of a belief your family would not support/approve of the new you.

    That being said, this sort of dream could also be your subconscious illustrating your residual guilt and stress about giving birth to your first child in relation to the anger it brought your family.  But because it was a daughter, a female like yourself I am more inclined to believe it is about what was mentioned in the first paragraph.  I hope this helps.

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    Subconsciously, you may have wished to have a little girl, rather than a boy.  The cruelty of your mother is shown in this dream.  You may feel compelled by other family members to keep having kids to add to the family, but your mind is made up, and there is no reason for you do add to the family. You say at the end, "It's not possible for me to have a daughter."  I was not sure if your meant you can no longer give birth, because you were severely injured while giving birth to your son, and your uterus cannot hold another child, but by any way, (physically or mentally or emotionally) you must follow your own instincts.  

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      I nearly died giving birth, my body couldn't handle it.

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    To dream of giving birth to a girl indicates good luck, riches and honor. You will be helped by the honored people. Dreaming of giving birth to a daughter indicates that you get along well with your family. Dreaming of giving birth to a lovely daughter with your ex-boyfriend indicates that you will have good luck.

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