Do I have a virus?

So I was unlocking my phone and noticing that an app had a particular notification

The thing is I did have the app, and ad stupod as I am I pressed it which lead me to an extreme hookup dating site, so I quickly clicked off and deleted the app, but unsure if the virus is still in here


EDIT: When ever i search up the app it still has the name yet no picture and i can never delete it

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2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Yeah this usually happens when you download apps from APK this happened to me once I downloaded so many pirated apps that every two minutes my phone would bring me to some kind of porn website

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I'm not sure whether you have a virus, but, you can get antivirus for your phone.

    Try one of these free antivirus apps for your phone:

    Install it, do a scan, and if it doesn't find anything then you can be pretty sure (like, 98% sure) that your phone is OK. If you're really worried, try a couple of them.

    I would also look at Malwarebytes (google it). They apparently have a free app for android, and that is the best software for removing anything bad from a computer, I.T. professionals everywhere use it.

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