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Puppy problem?

Last November, I decided to buy a dog because I’ve always wanted to buy one and Golden retriever has always been my dream dog. But after a week, I had to leave home because of work. She’s with my brother for 2 months and now that I came back she’s been acting strange. She chews almost all of our stuff. She even tried to bite me and I know it’s not one of those playful bites because it came off as a little aggressive and it hurts so damn much. I’m really worried you guys. Is it too late for me to change her ways? If it isn’t. What should I do? She hasn’t been potty trained as well. I’m a first time pet owner and honestly I’m a little hopeless that she’s going to remain this way. 

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    It is hard to believe you are NOT A TROLL - with such supposed questions.  Can anybody BE this out to lunch? 

     If you were called away for TWO (super important) FORMATIVE MONTHS -immediately after the purchase, then the puppy should have been returned to the breeder rather than leave it with a such a POOR CARE TAKER that it was not EVEN housebroken; let alone TAUGHT NOT TO BITE.  If you could have worked out a deal or paid for BOARD w/ the breeder => all could have been done, since your bother refused to do anything but feed it let it outside (if that).

    So now (instead) you have found yourself in a hole, not unlike a LOT of people who adopt 100% untrained dogs from shelters (who are ALSO not house broken or crate trained) and many OLDER puppies have not been taught NOT to bite.  Guess what - THEY MANAGE!

    Yes, it will be HARDER NOW, since the BAD HABITS ARE much more INGRAINED.  That is YOUR FAULT for the BAD caretaker (choice) and your brother's fault for not doing HIS JOB.  

    Dogs are for LIFE, so get OVER being a pathetic SNOWFLAKE (pull up your little boy PANTS) and GET ON WITH IT!  As a dog rescuer for over 20 years, I tell your for a FACT..... ANY DOG (regardless of age) CAN BE TRAINED!!!!!  

    Your puppy is now 4 months old and ADULT teeth are staring to come in, so OF COURSE if will be destructive chewer if not given appropriate items & if the house is NOT PUPPY PROOFED!!!  

    Puppies also tend to be more destructive if not GIVEN ADEQUATE DAILY EXERCISE!!!  [A tired dog, is a better behaved dog ...because it has NO CHOICE!]

    If you lack the knowledge; buy a couple of PUPPY TRAINING BOOKS (like "How to Raise a PUPPY You Can live With" by Rutherford & Neil) or HIRE a private trainer to help you, then enroll in public obedience classes given by a dog kennel club or dog training group (NOT a pet supply store).  Fortunately, you have a Golden Retriever that are "usually" soft-natured and soft-mouthed (if you bought a typical one and from a reputable breeder) - and the one of THE TOP obedience breeds, meaning they are EASY to train (if you BOTHER).

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    So your brother has done nothing to train/socialse this pup....... then you need to start as if it is day one and train, daily walk and I suggest you also book dog training classes so you get help.

    Goldies are well known for chewing, so you provide things it can chew, pick up and put away everything you don't want chewed and restrict its space..chewing is natural for any pup, it teaches them about the world around them and it also relieves their anxiety, from being left alone, house changes, teething pain etc so raw knuckle bones, raw carrots are  good replacement chewing items

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    For starters, this, and the Labrador, is a breed that can be prone to chewing anything they can get their teeth into.   Puppy-proofing your home is essential, removing anything you value!  Or that may have her ending up on the vet's operating table.

    It's a pity in a way that you left her with your brother when you unexpectedly had to be away for 2 months.   It might have been better to have returned her to her breeder who would have been abl;e to put experienced time in to take her forward re housetraining, socialising and so on.   She'd probably have been only too happy to help, for a nominal boarding fee.  

    I still think this biting is mouthing, even if she will be starting to teeth.   If you've ever heard/seen puppies with their siblings, play fighting, it sounds quite ferocious!  

    There's no need to assume she can't be sorted out.   We bought one of our current hounds at 4 months, from a kennel/breeder situation.   He was easy to sort out - the plus being, that bit older, he could hold.

    If she's had all her vaccination done, enroll her into some puppy classes, to help you learn how to handle her, as much as her to learn how to behave.   And provided her breeder was reputable and experienced, look to them for help and advice.

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