Yes or no...this is a crappy summary and plot?

Bipolar teenager wanted to receive health insurance to get prescribed meds but his parents and friends do not think he needs it and that he's overreacting.

Because of this, his peers give him new ways to cope with his behavior such as smoking marijuana, drinking and having sex. This only worsen his condition. He became wild and eccentric. His mood comes and go. One day hes happy, the next he's sad.

One evening he has an incident with a store clerk after she refused to sell him alcohol (he's still a minor). He explodes, tears the store up and police barged in pointing guns at him. This scared him really bad.

He's taking to jail, then after some tests, they learn he has a bipolar disorder. He's placed in a mental ward and when he's released, he's finally able to recieve prescribed meds and counseling.

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  • Ludwig
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    3 weeks ago

    He might be a Vampire. Is there some girl in his school who has special abilities to detect this?

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