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Is my poem good?

I did not welcome you that night,

There was no room for you that night

That cold cruel winters night

There was no room for you that night

You preserved and came back again

Paranoid, I let you in

You enchanted me non- the less

I could not forget how pale and thin

I protected you night she day

Your blossom bloomed in every way

You mesmerised Everyone you knew

I could not forget the change in you.

Now that fate swept me away

My beautiful rose withers every day

I sit here, lost, broken, torn

I see No beauty - Just the Thorns

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    This one is better than your others. You're better at poetry than I am, at least.  Don't let people hate on you here.  I see very few poems that make it on Yahoo! People don't bother to help, just scold.  The only positive reviews I see are on teen angst.  Don't give up.  Buy a book on how to write poetry if it's your dream.  You're just starting.

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  • Lôn
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    3 weeks ago

    NO Mildred!!..stop inflicting these terrible 'poems' on us day after day after day.. Find another hobby for suck's fake!

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