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Poor People: We want the finer things in life Also poor people: Id rather die, or kill, than work for my own money, give me handouts?

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    4 weeks ago

    The unemployment rate is less than 4%, which means that the vast majority of people who can work are working, including poor people. Most peopme receiving government assistance work full time, but still arent earning a living wage. The notion of the welfare king/queen living large off the taxpayer's dime without lifting a finger is a myth spread by the rich to justify cutting financial aid for those who need it most

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Tell Trump to give you money yup yup! 

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  • Jerome
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    4 weeks ago

    I rather die than work to make another rich.

    To me that's a different form of slavery.

    And brainwashing people with religion about themSELVES (me, mySELF, & I) doesn't change this fact.

    For the slow minded..

    If I do 85% of the work to get the job done. And you do 15% of the work to get it done. But you get 80% of the profits and me 20% of the profits for an illusion of my worth. The way is CREATED & RECREATED at birth with indoctrination.......

    Patterns aka "lines" along blood, race, religious, nationalities, communities, etc. reveals this.

    Doing more for less and doing less for more is very clear to me using a psychological "mirror" of the LINES listed.......🧐

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