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Bob asked in Entertainment & MusicRadio · 1 month ago

What is the Blockbuster Trivia for Friday January 24th?

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  • Kathy
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    1 month ago
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    Bookworm is Mississippi

    Classic Rock is Jimi Hendrix

    Country Music is University of North Texas

    Get Your Game On is Washington D.C.

    Healthy is A Petroleum Derivative

    Movie is 1980's

    Sports is February

    TV is Take Two

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  • 1 month ago

    KOLA 99.9 

    Music Quiz: Chuck Berry

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  • Bob
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    1 month ago

    B95.5 WYJB Albany NY

    6:25 B-Word: Peanut

    9:25: B- Word: Compliment

    4:25 B- Word: Beer

    Back To Work Perk: Bruno Mars 

    E Mail Bonus: Thanks

    Book Worm: Mississippi

    Country Trivia: University of North Texas

    Classic Rock : Jimi Hendrix

    Music Challenge: Soul Asylum

    Music Pop Quiz: Sam Smith

    Get your game on: Washington D.C.

    Healthy Knowledge: A Petroleum Derivative

    Movie Trivia: 1980s

    Sports Trivia: February

    TV Trivia: Take Two

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