My fish isn’t doing too good. Anything I can do before it’s too late?

One of my small fish are dying. It’s rapidly breathing and laying on the bottom of my tank with the rocks. Every time it tries swimming it’ll start spinning out of control and just fall right back down to the bottom. I don’t know if it can eat either so I haven’t put any food in the tank yet? There’s only two other fish in with him, and it’s a big tank so it can’t be from not enough space. I cleaned out the tank yesterday, filter, and the rocks on the bottom. I don’t have any drops to put in the water or anything extra. The last fish I owned that did this ended up dying. Is there anything I can do/buy in the morning to help this fish (if it isn’t already dead)?

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Sounds like the fish is dying. Are you boiling the water before you fill the fish tank? You mentioned drops...

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