Does Stack Overflow know which device I'm using?

I've been trying to ask a whole bunch of coding questions on Stack Overflow because my java class is really hard but the site usually makes you wait for a long time before asking another question, so I've been making a new email and new stack overflow account every time I had a new question, but for some reason today it's not letting me post any questions on my new account for the next 90 minutes. Do you think If I used another device would I be able to post questions on



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  • Chris
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    At this point you're risking at least a temporary ban, if not a permanent one, and I really hope you're getting it, quickly.

    This is precisely *not* how Stack Overflow is supposed to be used, and I'm really wondering what's making you think that any of this is OK, let alone why you expect us to help you with abusing a website and its users.

    The fact that your class is hard is not an excuse for dumping dozens of questions on a website that is intended to be an absolute last resort. I assume you're already being told all of this in the comments, and getting your questions closed.

    When a website decides to limit your activity, the question you should ask yourself isn't "how do I circumvent this?", the proper question to ponder is "wait, is this really how I want to act online?"

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