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Why has this person twisted everything round.?

I was in a relationship with someone for a while and had known them for a year or more. It was a friendship until they 'declared their love' for me and obviously from there it was a relationship.

I was never 100 percent happy from the start but always thought it was me being too fragile, but this person kept making insensitive comments about something which would deeply hurt me and it would be constant and it got more and more frequent the comments and it just reached breaking point, I was extremely unhappy.

It was only really after others told me it wasn't me being too fragile if it was them too they would be upset and this person was insensitive, it wasn't just me.

Basically I have an illness and I have to take medication, and every time without fail I had to take my medication I would be made awfully upset because this person would say something insensitive such as 'I'm surprised you've never hurt yourself' 'I don't know how you can cope with it' etc. and I just couldn't do it anymore. I messaged them telling them just that.. that I couldn't stand the hurtful comments about my health issue all the time, and all I got was a mouthful of abuse, no apology no remorse, no nothing, just pure abuse, and it turned extremely ugly, i went from being the love of their life to the spawn of satan because I finally plucked up the courage to tell them how they were affecting me, a video was uploaded onto youtube making me out to be the guilty party when all I'd done was say my feelings


We went to the police about this video and week later police arrived but not about the video but about something else, this rat had made stuff up about me to get back at me.

Why is it though I was none of this before hand? I was their everything it was only after I ended it all, suddenly I was the guilty party and suddenly the spawn of satan? Is this a sign of being a Narcissist? 

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