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Wedding Dance Question, is this okay to do or what?

Istead of dancing  Bride to best man & Groom to maid of honor for one dance & then separate dances for mother/son, father/daughter dance after that ..what if

we do one big wedding party dance?

I'm the Bride & my dad has past away & I'm not expecting my mom. My brother will escort me so I was thinking I could dance with my brother/escort. I have 2 bridesmaids & then my maid of honor & so that everyone has a dancing partner I thought the maid of honor & best man dance together & the bridesmaid match up with the 2 Groosman and dance together, then the groom dances with his mom so they get their mother/son dance & bc I dont have a dad I get to dance with my brother/escort. So all of this will be in one big dance.. does this sound okay???

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    I actually like this idea, because it limits the "personal" dances to 2 total.  After the first dance with your groom, these become less interesting and can start looking self absorbed if there's too many.   My only other comment is minor.  You keep calling your brother your escort, but your escort at your wedding is your groom! 

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      My bad I dont know what to call the man who walks me down the aisle I thought that's what the escort was 

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  • Anonymous
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    It sounds a mess.  You should dance with your brother but not the entire wedding party at the same time.  I would follow tradition the only difference is your brother stands in for your father.  My father won't be in my wedding my youngest son is stepping in his place.

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    You can dance with whomever you want. But I will say, the fewer the better, because stopping the party to force everyone to observe you dancing with a dozen different people is a fucxxkkkkng drag.

    Don’t make the bridal party members dance together. They don’t want to do it and nobody wants to watch it. Do everyone a favor and skip the antiquated bridal party dance, which nobody even does anymore anyway. It’s not the 80s.

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  • drip
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    4 weeks ago

    Sure that would work. Or Why not do a bride and groom first dance, then have the DJ segue way into another song and over the mic invite all family and friends to join the wedding couple on the dance floor.

    If your groom and his mother want their dance together you can dance with your  brother or dance with his dad.

    You could do it right before the garter/bouquet toss. That way your guests will already be seated  .

    You and the groom figure out what is best for you. Talk to your DJ for option. They have been to a lot of weddings and have seen it all.

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  • Kelly
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    4 weeks ago

    If this is something your fiance is also on board with there isn't really any issue.  However, it also to some extent seems selfish to your fiance and his mother, if he is not.

    My dad died before I met my husband, I just omitted the father/daughter dance and didn't do anything in lieu of it, we still had a mother/son dance.  My MIL waited 30 years to have that dance with her son and I wasn't taking that from her (or him).  One of the best pictures we got from our reception was the mother/son dance and I'm glad that's something that they both have.

    I attended a wedding a year or 2 ago where the bride also did not have her dad she instead had all fathers who had a daughter there dance with them as her version of the father/daughter dance.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Absolutely fine.

    Even if your parents were going to attend, separate dances are optional.

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  • zeno
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    4 weeks ago

    Stop trying to please others and do what

    Makes you and your new husband happy.

    It's self centered but it honestly shows

    Everyone who you really are. All marriages

    Are different so forget about what other

    People did and listen to your instincts.

    What would he like __________? And what

    Would you like ___________? And what would

    Both of you enjoy at that time? You could

    Have the wedding at a nude beach and

    Dance to disco for all I care. I won't be there.

    Ok? Got it? Now what wedding would leave you feeling Excited or happy about 10 years from now?

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