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What is more painful a root canal or extraction? ?

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    Well when I got my wisdom teeth pulled even though they were perfectly grown the marine corps still ripped them out. All they did was give me a few shots of Novocain and a damp wash cloth over my eyes. Thought it was to calm me... I was no where near being right. It was to prevent blood getting in my eyes lol. They took like vise grips and locked on to the tooth and started pulling. Could feel the tooth coming out aching and sharp pain the cracking of the teeth and when the vise grips would slip off the tooth. Free dental care is the best 

  • 1 year ago

    I've had my wisdom teeth out and I've had 3 root canals and in my opinion, a root canal is so much worse. In the case of my root canals, the tooth has decayed to the nerve and it is the worst experience I've ever felt to correct it. I seriously regret not just pulling some of those teeth because of the pain. And a root canal was so involved. They were each 2-3 appointments to fix the tooth while they just knocked me out for the extraction and it was done. 

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    I had MANY root canals! Very expensive compared to extractions! I'd sit back & drift off to dreamland on good dose of happy gas during root canals! However-FYI-Dentists never told me root canals & crowns don't last forever! My root canals with crowns were less than 10 yrs old & the teeth with crowns all started breaking off at the gum line!! Very sad sad times! I thought crowns gave invincible protection! Not true! Now Im trying to find where I can get financing done for dentures! I hate the sound & sensation of extractions! Some people aren't bothered. It freaks me out-big anxiety!

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    if you can save a tooth with a root canal then by all means don't have it extracted! I think an extraction hurts more anyway, root canal isn't all that bad

    Source(s): personal experience with extractions and root canals
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    1 year ago

    An extraction hurt very much more, and for days afterwards. Getting a root canal doesn't hurt much at all. I've had three root canal treatments and a couple of extractions.

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    i would talk to your dentist about it

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