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Anonymous asked in HealthWomen's Health · 2 months ago

Women's health issue.. serious answers please?

Serious answers please: I would prefer if someone in the medical field can respond. I am a teen girl, ive never had sex. However, I got "fingered" for the first time from this guy. I was wet and it hurt but felt kinda good at the same time. then I got dry and he went so deep and hard so it started to hurt. Then he went faster and it was still painful but felt pleasure. Then he left and noticed some light red stains in the sheets (im assuming blood) then I went to pee, wiped myself and saw light red blood. I assumed it was normal because it was my first time being penetrated that hard. I put in a tampon and removed it with hardly any blood but pain down there when I sat or coughed. Next day rolls around, im bloated, have cramps, and am bleeding a bit more. Not enough to consider it a period day but I do have symptoms of being on my period. today is the 23rd and my last period was on the 26th or 27th I believe, so it s still a bit early. do you guys think this is a pure coincidence and its just my period going really lightly (lighter than usual) or am I injured?


I am going to see my doctor in 2 weeks so for now any help is appreciated 

Update 2:

Also can being fingered really deeply where it touches your cervix? induce your period/ cause an issue?

Update 3:

ALSO IMPORTANT NOTE, im constipated and I feel the sensation of constantly needing to pee

1 Answer

  • alan P
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I'm sometimes seen girls say here that having sex alters the timing of their periods possibly due to sexual excitement causing a surge of hormones.  I'm guessing that other sexual activity could have the same effect.  But if your last period started on 26 Dec and you started again on 23rd then that's 27 days which is fairly normally. 

    If you were only bleeding a little after your rough encounter then it doesn't sound like he hurt you much.


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