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Win10 mail APP and Yahoo Mail?

Good Day All: Have been with windoz since win 95, Xp for 20+/- years. Yahoo Mail for as long. Xp workstation Stopped for one reason or another. Purchased a laptop with win10 pro. During installation it asked for email address( i did not want to) but i figured they will send the product code or something. New computer password,etc. After finishing all and poking around I was quite disappointed and in shock on on how crappy things are. Discovered the mail app then only to find that MY YAHOO MAIL account was stolen from me. Could no longer log on/in through the browser for my password is gone. NEVER did I give MS my mail password or even in thinking to do so. 3 months has now passed and my head is exploding in finding ways to remove all their bloatware garbage. I want my YAHOO Mail back and KICK MS to the MOON. I understand (i think) on how to "UNSINK" the account. I understand I need to reset a new password for Yahoo. But no body has ever mentioned about the mail that is on THEIR APP. The mail that is on the window, in the folders, the new folders tht were created in the mean time. What happens to them? are they with Yahoo? or are they somewhere in MS Space land-the "Cloud", or what. That gets me very nervous. In my opinion win 10 is truly garbage and something should be done to stop them from what they are doing and have done. I will get another desktop workstation as soon as I pay off the laptop and be happy to go back to XP or maybe try win7.


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