Why is my sister doing this?

After my I got with my fiancé & turned out to be pregnant my sister started acting up. She has had her moments where she blames for our past. I love my sister & I know neither of us are perfect, but when we were younger, people would rudely comment on our appearances & compare us. Usually it consisted of them calling me the pretty one, the nice one, or the “thin one.” I’ve always tried defending her & telling everyone she’s just as gorgeous & just doing anything an older sister can to ignore those adults. It hurts to hear her cry, blame me & yell at me for it constantly. I know I have no control in what other people say, & I know there is only so much I can do. Fast forward to now, she is always rude to all my friends & the other day started arguing with my husband about our baby saying “it’s my baby, you’re no man” to telling me she didn’t care about me, only the baby. Just last night while my parents where discussing about about moving to Cali she said “leave with us & leave your ugly husband here.” I looked at her & said “dude, please stop. Time it down.” For her to reply “what? I can’t be saying your husband is some fine *** man.” Which made me feel uncomfortable for her to start commenting about our bodies to my mom, saying “you should’ve heard her. They were telling her my butt is bigger than hers & she said my fiancé thinks mine is.” I again told her to stop for her to say “what? You know He wouldn’t tell you mine is bigger” 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Your sis sounds like a totally spoiled and jealous brat. You are pregnant with maybe your parents' first grandchild so she's jealous of that now as well as the difference in looks. She knows which buttons to press to wind you up and she knows that in the past you have allowed her to insult you etc. Now she's gone a step further and has started insulting your husband. Don't you think it's time you stopped her for a change instead of enabling her. Tell her she has gone too far this time and you won't hear a word against your husband. This baby is yours and his.....NOT hers. Tell her off and stick to your guns. If she steps out of line tell her you don't want her to come near you. She will perform and sulk and shout and scream but you'll just have to put her outside your door and not let her come in again until she starts behaving like an adult rather than a spoiled brat.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Odds are she's envious. But seriously this is crazy toxic behavior. You should sit down and talk with her, with company btw. She seems to have absolutely no respect for you, even though you seem to love her so much. Just remember, just because she's your sister doesn't mean you have to take **** from her 

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  • 1 month ago

    She needs her own guy who will tell her how pretty she is and how much he wants her.She had you in front of her and now she has the baby in front of her. She's just trying to get attention, I have a feeling she isn't just right mentally.

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    1 month ago

    She is jealous of you and very insecure too. She also sounds toxic and in need of some counseling.

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