I have three questions about the Phoenix Force?

So I'm writing a highly anticipated fanfic for a Marvel fan group; in discussing ideas for the X-Men, I had some... interesting reactions, mostly negative concerning Jean Grey and the Phoenix Saga. Honestly, I'm also no fan of Jean Grey, but I love the idea of the Phoenix Force. 

I came up with a GREAT idea to solve the problem with the Phoenix Force Saga, but I need some good, solid details about the relationship between Jean Grey and the Phoenix. Upon my limited research I've confirmed my issues with Jean Grey and the Phoenix, which now brings me to my three questions. 

Number 1. What makes Jean Grey so special to be the only fully compatible host for the Phoenix? What is this "special mutual bond" they share? Is there ANY real explanation for that?

Narrative wise, there's no good reason or point Jean Grey is the magical "chosen one". Her story doesn't seem to earn the reason she's the only perfect snowflake. Unlike Captain America for example, who's story legitimatizes and EXPLAINS his awesome feats.

Numero Dos. Someone please define the title or term "One True Phoenix".

So what does it mean to be the "one true phoenix"? Was that ever explained?

Final 3rd question: Can someone explain what the "Crown" is?

The highest level of the Phoenix is "White Phoenix of the Crown", what is the Crown? Is there any definition for it, or was this title made up because it sounded good?Those are my questions. Any answers (without flames) will be greatly appreciated :)

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    4 weeks ago
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    unencumbered she is supposed to be the strongest telepath in the marvel universe. prof x helped her limit her powers so that she could function in the world, which is why she doesn't display the full extent of those powers. but she has the ability in her and it is that which drew the phoenix to her. as for "white phoenix of the crown," i've never heard of that, it wasn't in any of the x-men comics i read.

    • TeamGX4 weeks agoReport

      So the Phoenix is a telepathic entity? Ooookay, that doesn't coincide with traditional myth at all LOL But I looked that up and you're right, so good job! Thanks for that bit :) Still have that other question dangling so...

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  • 3 weeks ago

    The biggest problem with your question is that the entire premise is wrong.  I presume this is a recent retcon, but it still makes no sense whatsoever, given the actual history of the Phoenix Force in comics.

    Jean is NOT the only fully compatible host.  Rachel Summers (The daughter of the Phoenix Force itself from an alternate future) has been shown to be at least as good a host as Jean.  Other past hosts have been referenced as existing, though they are rare and may be tied to certain bloodlines.

    The Phoenix Force itself, as told to Rachel by Galactus in an old issue of Excalibur, has limitless power because it draws upon the power of every being in the universe yet unborn.  This is why it is the 'embodiment of life itself'.  And yes, there is only supposed to be one.

    Of course Galactus was expecting to be killed by her at the time if he couldn't get her to turn the power off, so might not have been entirely honest...

    How much of that Marvel; might have retconned in recent years, I couldn't say.

    • TeamGX2 weeks agoReport

      Thanks for those... pointers, but my questions still remain unanswered. What is the One True Phoenix? I know Rachel Summers, and even Hope Summers too, but the Phoenix still prefers Jean Grey for some reason. Again, thanks for the effort, but I still need answers.

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