Will my medicine be okay if it was left in a steamy room for 30 minutes?

My shower was running to see how long it would stay hot and I forgot it was running. I think it was running for about 30 minutes. My room is connected to my bathroom and my bathroom door was open to my room. When I went into my room I didnt see any steam maybe because it was too dark but it did feel a bit humid and muggy. Is my medicine okay still?

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    4 weeks ago

    Probably okay, but you can always call your pharmacist and ensure that being in the heat for half an hour wouldn't negatively impact it. We can't know for sure because we aren't pharmacists and you didn't mention what the "medicine" was.


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  • 4 weeks ago

    Is it still inside the plastic bottle or did you take it out. 

    If it’s still in the bottle, it should be fine. If it’s out of the bottle, is it still dry and looks like a pill. If it looks like a pill, you’ll be fine. If it’s paste-like then no. It would be hard to figure out how much you would need. 

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