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Can a blunt force blow cause a wrist fracture?

I’m trying to figure out whether I really need to get an x ray. I’d rather avoid it if possible. I sustained a blunt force blow to my forearm/wrist whilst my arm was flat on a table. This happened 4 nights ago and it’s still extremely swollen, almost double the width of my other wrist. There’s a bruise about 8cm long and 4cm wide over the whole area. Wrist Mobility is reduced but only slightly. 

Really don’t want to have to go to doctor/hospital so how likely is it that this could be a fracture? I know a blunt force woudlnt usually break a bone but the persistent swelling is making me begin to worry. 

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    Here is where you are wrong: " I know a blunt force wouldn't usually break a bone". Blunt force may certainly break bones, happens all the time.

    You are right to be worried, and should actually get it x-rayed to be sure.

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