jimmy asked in HealthMen's Health · 1 month ago

Should I be worried ?

I was delivering food to someone’s house it was no more than 10 seconds the women opened her door her under eyes were dark she looked sick as if she had the flu she did not cough or sneeze I handed her the food and was maybe a arms reach away from her I went to my car and sanitized my hands very well Incase I touch my face should I be concerned about getting the flu like this

Also would the flu kill someone who’s healthy in there 20s if treated ?

The cases I hear about people dying is the fact that they wait so long before seeking health the reason they die

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  • audrey
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    1 month ago

    See a therapist for your OCD/ hypochondria.

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  • Listen my man, I am going to tell you the truth. I am not trying to be mean or rude in any way as that is not my intention. I always see you excessively posting questions being worried about catching the flu or other serious things all of the time. You either have a mental health issue or are an extreme germaphobe because this is silly at this point. Don't worry about it too much! Everyone gets the flu at least once in their life and yes some people do die from the flu but it is usually in under developed countries or people with a highly compromised (weak) immune system. Just make sure you get lots of vitamin C and make sure you eat healthy to have a strong immune system and you'll be fine. You will definitely cut your quality of life because I see that you are constantly worried about being sick and that will eventually harm you if you do not change. Once again, you will be fine and I am not trying to be rude or mean in any way. I am simply trying to make you realize the truth. Best of luck. 

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