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What, in detail, makes America Great?

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    America has many faults which would be easier to list off but you did not ask that. So...

    In nearly every country there is one leader and nobody gets to oppose that leader actually being the leader. In America, the right to vote for who you want to be President is actually more significant than you would think. Also, if you do not like who is in power, impeachment or patience is a way to get them out of power. In other countries, if you don't like the leader you don't trash talk him. That there is another point, freedom of speech.

    I could go into a huge dialogue of how great it is to have rights but that would be pointless.

    So, to sum all of this up, you can disagree here without the leader ordering you to be murdered.

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    more war and more debt

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    It's People





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    Elvis A. Presley 

    James Brown 

    Levi Jean's 

    Back to back World War Champions 

    Interstate highway system 

    The 2nd Amendment 

    The 1st Amendment 

    The 5 Liter Mustang 

    Makes the best pickup truck's in the World 

    The Grand Canyon 

    World's finest Blue Water Navy

    Super Bowl Sunday 

    Madison Square Garden 

    Fenway Park 

    The Arizona Memorial 

    World's best Beaches 

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    Buying stuff and being able to bring it back to the store within 30 days to get a full refund No really that is the only thing that makes america great. Sorry but it's true . There is absolutely nothing special about america other than getting your money back 

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    Our free health care, for one. and the fact that black folk never get beaten up by the police. That we never get a speeding ticket for going just a little over the limit. We have nice cops. Our government senate and congress are incorruptible. Our president is a good looking guy and does not have buck teeth, and his wife is hot. No-one lives in trailers. We have 100% employment and only 3 people in jail. Beat that, rest of the world.

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    if you travel to other nations, even those touted as bastions of "liberal thinking" you will find that that many people still naturally consider themselves subjects of their respective states...they see no problem with the state having a large influence on their daily lives and life choices because they see it as a fair swap for the state's obligation to take care of them...

    this is why so many other nations have endured repetitive cycles of revolution and tyranny or retained systems based on distinct lines between the aristocratic/ownership class and the subject/working classes...while the American Revolution produced a system where the People truly are the State....

    that simple, yet significant difference is what makes many leave the comforts of those systems and choose the risks of ours... risks they deem worth it because of the opportunity to define their own worth based on their own standards...

    • 3.2 million in jail, death penalties, even for those later to have been proven innocent. Watch three of your cops beat on a man in a wheelchair. You're guilty until proven innocent in the USA. Yeah, sure. I lived there for 20 years, so I should know.

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  • 1 month ago

    We aren't from your sad sack socialist country where only the rich flourish?

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