Excessive humidity in my car how to remove this?

carpet floor, have rust

camry 2002 220 000 km

good car but very wet, driver side


rubber plug leak? 

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    1 month ago
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    Nope not a rubber plug leak.

    It is an 18 year old car. This is a WEEKEND JOB.  The car is not driven for the entire weekend.

      What you NEED TO DO IS REMOVE THE DRIVER'S SIDE SEAT SO  YOU CAN LIFT UP THE CARPETING from the floor.  It just lays there so lift it up some and put you hand in there .  You may find that there is padding under the carpet.  That acts like a SPONGE.  Holding much water.  So you kind of got to lift that up too.  I used short sticks and plastic containers sitting on the metal floor and held up each layer. into the air say 3 inches or so.

    Taste. Just with the tip of your tongue.  If you taste SWEET, and you use Antifreeze...that is the taste of Antifreeze.

      If it tastes clean, then the water is entering from above(rain)

    If it tastes dirty then the water is coming from the front wheel through the firewall and running behind the wall carpet to the floor.   Check around your door seal rubber and make sure the rubber is in good condition all the way around.

    .  Much of the checking is visual inspection in daylight hours and it may take you hours to find it.

    If it tastes sweet, then the hoses behind the accelerator pedal go to the heater core.  Tighten the hose clamps and chances are good you fixed it.


    . Then I got a blower, in my case a pistol hair dryer and set on low heat and put it in the car on long extension cord and ran the hairdryer overnight leaving one window partly open to let the steam out but most of the heat stayed in the car for longer so it dries.   (I did this while snow lay on the ground)

    . After overnight check inside and most of the moisture in the padding should be gone and the carpeting is drying out too.  If it is still sopping wet then continue the drying as the hair dryer can take it.  Keep it on LOW and the power consumption is not great and it won't start a fire in the car.

    . Once it is dry, lift up the padding and look at the floor.  especially where the wiring cord is.  Lift that up.  can you see rust holes?  If you had a trouble light, you can shine the light from the ground and look inside the car for holes in the floor.  Those are rust holes  aka how the water is getting in.

    How to fix.  Get roofing patch tar in a quart container and paint the outside where the cracks are.  Be liberal with the goop and it keeps out the water.

    I am not suspecting windshield rubber leak.

    You may have to repeat this job if you did not figure out where the water is coming from the first time.   My car had holes in 4 different areas.  So I would fix one as that is all I thought it was, and the flooring still got wet so had to redry the flooring again in a weeks time to find a second spot / / / and then a third spot. / / / and then a 4th spot so it took a month before I got it sealed up.   The Hair dryer got a lot of use.

    If you can do without the car then leave it to dry out.  The less driving means less confusion as to how it gets wet inside .  

    Puddles from the road or only out of the SKY.?

    The waterhose test does not always work.

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  • 1 month ago

    Sometimes the humidity inside the car seems to just stays there. If you can get it inside , open the doors and dry it out (maybe with a fan), it just might stay dry.

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  • 1 month ago

    Either it rained or the heater core just went out

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  • 1 month ago

    May be a leak coming in from the windshield, especially if it was replaced, or it's possible the condensation from the A/C is dripping inside the car. There's a tube that usually drains the condensation that gets plugged up with lint or dead bugs, sometimes. If it smells odd, then it might be the heater core is leaking coolant into the car.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Remove the carpet and check for bad floor seals.  Check for bad door seals and window seals.

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