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Anonymous asked in HealthDental · 2 months ago

Medicare part C and D?

someone can help me with that, because I want to know if part d and c covers dental and visual services

1 Answer

  • Nancy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage. Medicare Part C is Medicare Advantage, which includes Part D but also includes coverage that bridges all or part of the 20% gap in coverage that Medicare A (hospital insurance) and Medicare B (outpatient insurance - doctor visits, lab tests, anything not done as a hospital in-patient).

    The only Medicare Advantage plan that covers any kind of dental is Blue Cross/Blue Shield's, but it doesn't cover very much, like only $15 towards a filling. The major advantage it does offer is if you have a dentist that is a BC/BS provider, then you get BC/BS's negotiated prices, which are generally significantly less than standard prices, thus greatly reducing your out-of-pocket expense. As an example, the dentist might charge $100 for a filling, but the negotiated BC/BS price might be only $58, of which it might pay only $15, but that would nonetheless save you $57 because it would leave you with only $43 to pay instead of a $100.

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