VBA inputbix?

So I'm trying to create a user friendly form that will store their strings (inputs) using if and then statements. In the end it will create system numbers. I just need a place to start and can't seem to get the intial steps right. Once I get this then the rest should be pretty similar. This is what I have so far

Thank you

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  • EddieJ
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    4 weeks ago
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    In <Dim> you  have declared CSS but you haven't given it a value.  And then you are testing it.

    Perhaps you shouldn't declare it, but use it as follows:

    If system = "CSS" Then

    That would check if the user had typed in "CSS" (without the quotes) in response to the prompt.

    Then, instead of another <if> statement, you probably want

    Elseif system = "CSR" Then

    • Hector4 weeks agoReport

      Awesome thank you

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