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Need new skincare for uneven combination skin. Skincare product suggestions, dermatolgist/skincare advice?

I have always had pretty good skin however as a I get closer to my twenties my skin does have some issues. I don't break out often but when I do its always on my nose or chin and always is one it two pretty bad spots that scar My birth control (IUD) does mess with my skin a little bit. My skin is combination, dry on forehead and some parts of my cheeks, super oily on my nose and chin however still some dry patches. I'm looking to minimize my pores they are really bad on my nose and my chin. I also have uneven skin I get redness and really bad dark circles I'm looking for something that really helps with an uneven skin tone and something to get rid of my under eye bags/dark circles. I have no clue what's best and no clue what to start with when it comes to skincare. I usually like to use natural stuff but if anybody have any suggestions on what is best, any skin care lines will products that work just let me know, thank you!

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