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How long do you have to be on the BRAT diet?

My ex cheated on me and gave me syphilis, unfortunately. I went to the doctor and they treated me with an injection of penicillin. Since last Friday, I’d eat something and I’d have to go to the bathroom either 30 or 45 minutes after eating something. I would assume after six days my acute diarrhea would be gone, but it’s still here. I bought some stuff from the brat diet, but I’m just curious to when I can actually eat real food again!


Also, can eat tuna and baked chicken? I kinda don’t feel full when I’m eating bananas, oatmeal, and apple sauce all day.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Tuna packed in water (or grilled fresh tuna) and white-meat chicken should be okay.

    Are you taking an OTC antidiarrheal medication? Adding that to BRAT should help.

    After all this time I have to wonder if you are having a c-Dif reaction to the penicillin. It's probably worth a call or email to your doctor reporting your reaction.

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