Anyone ever go to a concert or other show with a cold or the flu?

So, I started with a sore throat a couple of days ago, and yesterday I started getting ear pain and a runny nose. Now, today, I woke up with pink eye in one eye. And I’m kinda bumming because I have tickets to see the comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham tomorrow night, and I’ve never seen him live. Should I see him, or stay home? I really, REALLY want to see him, and I’ll feel ok if I have cough drops and tissues with me. What would you do? Have any of you gone to a show with a cold or the flu?

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  • Speed
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    4 weeks ago

    Don't be selfish. You're no doubt contagious. Stay home instead of making dozens of other people sick with whatever you've got. Remember that what makes you feel lousy can make someone else far sicker if their health is fragile.

    See if you can sell your ticket on a secondary market like Craigslist or StubHub.

    I'm sorry you can't go this time, but he tours often. Your chance will come again.

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