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What's the meaning of the following quote please?

"Yesterday is the worst enemy of Tomorrow."

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    You can interpret it however way you see it, but I think it means that the past can linger into the future and prevent blessings from occurring. 

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    I am reasonably sure that whoever said it thought they were being clever and perhaps, even profound. However, it is neither. It is, in fact, terribly wrong. I imagine that the idea expressed wants to dissuade a hesitant soul from trying or thinking something new because in the past this has been disappointing or disastrous. So they encourage someone to forget the past and live as if each day is the beginning of your life. The problem is that most people look upon mistakes as something to be ashamed of and deny or try to forget. Actually mistakes are very beneficial. We learn from them and we all make them, and if you forget having done so you're in danger of making them again. That's why the old are wiser than the young; it's because they've made so many mistakes. So the past isn't the enemy of tomorrow; it is the foundation upon which we build a better tomorrow, and the worst thing someone can do if you wish to live a good life is to forget the past.

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