Dreaming of a maze?

I was in a castle like thing with lots of rooms and there was a girl with me.. I am not sure if it was my sister or my gf.. But we were taking each and every step carefully as if we don't want to get noticed by anyone. there were lots of doors and I think they were red (not sure). each room had 2 or more doors that would lead to another room or corridor. it was like an endless maze. and when we saw anyone passing by we would hide somewhere. And at one point we got caught by a lady and the dream changed back to us started the maze again. it seemed like we wanted to get to the other side or find something that mattered to us. And then we went to a room and we saw something that i dont remember (maybe it was a book). we started kissing each other. then we to a corridor again and we saw that lady again who caught us before. we tried to hide from her again and thats all i remember.

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  • 1 month ago
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    It sounds like you tried to avoid getting sent back to the beginning of the maze and having to go through all of "this hiding" again, so your main goal was not to be caught. You conveniently woke up before the "lady" could send you to the beginning again. I think this whole scenario is like a "coming of age" dream.  You begin Life, and learn from your mistakes, and grow up.  You surely don't want to go backwards.  You desire to move forward on this path of Life, and avoid the dangers you run into. 

  • 1 month ago

    To dream that you are in a maze denotes that you need to deal with a waking task on a more direct level. You are making the situation harder than it really is. Alternatively, the maze symbolizes life's twists and turns. It represents indecision, confusion, missteps, feeling lost or being misled.

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