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MOE Magpul forearm MOSSBERG 835?

I’m trying to figure out if the MOE Magpul will fit my mossberg 835. This is the part and it says the slide actions it will fit on and I don’t know/ can not find the size of the slide of my 835 which is brand new, this link . If it doesn’t fit on it currently, are there any parts I can obtain to make this forend fit? 

1 Answer

  • Mr.357
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I would guess not.  Magpul does not list the 835 model as one that the forearm would fit.  You can easily make that forearm fit if you sell the 835 and get a 500.  If it would fit the 835, I am sure Magpul would list it so that they could sell more.

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